About AHBA



The National Association of Home Builders, on September 27, 1959 chartered the Association under the name of “Home Builders Association of Alaska, Inc.”

The organization was formed to fill the void of adequate representation for the industry in Alaska. The original charter for the association covered the entire state.

By 1976 the economy and the industry in Alaska had grown beyond the ability of one organization. The Oil Pipeline had drastically increased the need for new residential construction throughout the state. It was determined that more effective effort and attention were needed on the local level throughout the state. Therefore on 24 January 1977 the organization was renamed the Home Builders Association of Anchorage. A new state association was formed on the same date.

The association went through two additional name changes. On January 24, 1983 the name was changed to the Building Industry Association of Anchorage and again in January of 1994 it was changed once more to the Anchorage Home Builders Association. Both changes were in response to a need to better represent the association’s goals and organization.

The first 15 years of existence the association worked out of file boxes in the various President's homes. Board meetings were held at the Capt. Cook and various residences around town. In the Late 70’s the association acquired its first permanent office at 999 E. Tudor. In 1986 the office moved to 2204 Cleveland Ave.

During this period the association had a professional Executive Officer and a staff. The operation contracted at various times to administer the State Association. It was during this same period that a for-profit subsidiary called the Home Owners Warranty (HOW) program was developed and operated. The program did not survive the local economy and was closed after several years.

In the mid-80’s the economic meltdown of the industry caused the association to retract into a much smaller organization. There was a significant loss of membership, revenue and effort. In the late 80’s several members jointly signed for a bank loan to keep the doors open. The association moved to smaller quarters at 7301 Schoon and maintained only one person in the office.

In 1993, with the stabilization of the economy and the increase in residential construction, the association moved into a new phase of operation. Moving from the caretaker approach the association increased its membership and it’s political presence. There were new benefits for the members and a stronger base to work from. The association took a bigger role in not only the local arena but also the state and national scene.

It became obvious to the Board in late 1996 that its location was an indicator of its power base. Consequently the office and staff moved again to brand new spaces at 8301 Schoon Street, Suite 200.