Larry Partusch’s success in business resembles an early 20th century success story, filled with American values and virtues rarely seen today. His story is one of a young man who uprooted himself from his hometown and began his life afresh in a far-away land of opportunity. He left Omaha, Nebraska where entrenched businesses left little room for opportunity, and arrived in Alaska with a sound Midwest work ethic. Through hard work, fair dealing with clients and employees, and that Midwest work ethic, he succeeded. He then used his success to help grow and stabilize his community through charitable support of many youth and other organizations.

Larry’s story begins when he arrived in Anchorage in 1981 for a vacation. He got a job the next day. In 1982, he got licensed and 3 weeks later had 15 people working with him. “I never really looked back,” Larry said. “I’m from Omaha and brought with me a Midwest work ethic: "Show up on time, do your best work for a fair price, and back up what you say you’ll do for your clients. Treat everyone fairly." Larry never left Anchorage.

Larry founded Partusch Plumbing in 1982 with a clear mission: “Treat customers well by consistently doing good work for them for a fair price, and treat employees fairly by paying them well for their good work. Everyone benefits when you give customers fair value for their money and you treat your employees with fairness and respect.”

In 1987, Larry and Terry Bolton started Northern Sheetmetal, which expanded Partusch Plumbing to a full-service, heating/ventilation/air/plumbing operation. Today, Larry oversees the financial and general business operations of both companies.

As the success of Larry's businesses grew, so did his community involvement. "I believe in giving back to the Anchorage community in time and money," Larry said. He generously supports many youth athletic groups and charitable organizations. In his words, "God has blessed my business, my family, my employees. Running successful businesses allows me to go out and help. I feel good about sharing my success with the community."

Among the organizations Larry has helped is Habitat for Humanity. “We’ve completed about 60 projects for Habitat,” Larry said. “I believe in home ownership which Habitat for Humanity promotes. Home ownership builds stable families and communities,” he added. Larry has also helped Cook Inlet Housing’s Clearwater Project, which provides subsidized low-income housing and also promotes home ownership.

Larry is a staunch supporter of youth athletics. He put together the clubhouse and concession stand for the Dimond West Little League. He provided shoes, hats, ball gloves and bats for the Polar Little League. The Brother Francis Shelter and Catholic Social Services receive major donations from Larry.

For many years, Larry served on the board of the Home Builders Association and headed their Governmental Affairs committee. In the little spare time he has, Larry likes to spend time with his family and go on an occasional fishing trip.

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